Used kitchen oil collection:

SAROS collects used cooking oil at your location. We work with bars, restaurants and other
catering services as well as communities that are willing to gather their used cooking oil.
To be able to gather and collect the oil SAROS loans different types of plastic containers.
The size and shape of the container is focused on your specific needs. Some examples:


Depending on the amount of oil and the size of container SAROS will come and collect the
full container and immediately leave you with a clean and empty one.

Is your container full before the scheduled pick-up? Just call and we will schedule an urgent visit!

Sales of vegetable cooking oil:

The quality of oil is as important to us as it is to you. Therefore SAROS has selected cooking oil
with specifications that are 'best in class' in your kitchen and facilitate the generation of Bio-Diesel.
On top of that our cooking oils respect the environment and the consumers health! Please contact us to
receive information on special prices SAROS can offer.


Filter Cleaning:

As an additional service SAROS offers to clean your extractor hood filters.
We clean all regular sizes and also have new filters at your disposal.