Biodiesel - The most viable Biofuel:

Biodiesel is a clean burning fuel that can be used as an alternative for petroleum diesel.
No engine or equipment adjustments are required to switch from petroleum to biodiesel.
Unlike petroleum diesel, biodiesel does not rely on fossil fuels that have been stored in the
earths crust for millions of years, it is generated through modern agriculture. Crops can
be grown to produce oil for biodiesel directly or, even better, can produce vegetable oils
for kitchen use that will be recovered afterwards.


Five advantages of biodiesel:

1. Biodiesel is a clean and renewable biofuel with combustion properties similar to petroleum diesel.

2. It is made from triglycerides arising from plant origin and is neutral in the carbon cycle.

3. Has many advantages over traditional petroleum derived fuel, including less tailpipe emissions and biogradibility.

4. Can be burnt directly in existing diesel engines.

5. Can be distributed through the existing fuel transportation and distribution infrastructure.